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Crop Circles



From most points of view

this world – the Earth


“another planet.”



In August of 2009 a huge ‘crop circle’ appeared in a field in Holland.  It appears to be a ‘human butterfly’. (It also seems to be a version of the famous drawing of Mel Gibson by da Vinci – “The Vitruvian Man”)  I do not consider it an extravagant interpretation – to take this as ‘encouragement’ … as though we’re being told that we may be about to go through a metamorphosis, from which we may emerge – an entirely different creature.

No doubt – there are many crop circles which are simply man-made; but the best ones – I don’t think so.  The ‘Julia Set’, for example (July 1996) – which appeared in a field just across the road from Stonehenge – earned a comment from the pilot of a small plane (which routinely carried tourists over Stonehenge).  He said that on the afternoon (when the formation appeared) he had just made a run and had noticed nothing unusual in the fields; but when he came back (the same way) 45 minutes later – there in the field, quite near Stonehenge, was the fully completed “Julia Set” … a formation about 900 feet across.

The likeliest explanation – is that such formations are the work of beings with technology superior to ours … and also with intelligence superior to ours.

As far as I am aware – France is the only (sizeable) nation which admits (openly) to the existence of extra-terrestrial life.

Why is this?  Why do most governments (publicly) deny the existence of UFO’s etc.?

I think it is because – not only do these visitors come here from very far away (which means they are smarter than we are) … they have not (after all this time) eaten us or sold us in the intergallactic slave trade (or something) … which means – they are also BETTER than we are.  In other words, they are are Elders.

And if Humanity knew THIS – we would listen to our VISITORS, and NOT to our governmental ‘leaders’.

Mmm ?

It would be ‘bad for business’.

We live (if my studies are correct) on a Fallen World.

But on a Normal World – women (for example) are not afraid to walk alone at night … because there is nothing to be afraid of.

On the Earth (alas) – this is not the case.

My intuition tells me – that the Crop Circles are the work of intelligent and benevolent beings.  They are trying to help us.

I have not made anything approaching an exhaustive study of crop circles; but I will recommend a couple videos:    (10 crop circles)    (greatest crop circles)    (Arcturians explain crop circles)

Personally, I think it makes sense to spend some time simply looking at the photos of the best crop circles … to allow them to sink in, and perhaps inspire us.


For one thing – about 1 person in 17 on this planet is Starseed.  And if you are reading this, the odds are considerably higher. If you are Starseed, your soul origin is not ‘from here’.  (Maybe Avalon [the Pleiades]; maybe Fanoving; maybe Wolvering)

While you probably do not have any clear memories of having lived a Higher Life,  you have a distinct sense – that the way we are living (here, on the Earth) is NOT the best we could be doing.

Nor do we know what we are capable of.


Look at the patterns.   (Good may come of it)


If you are skeptical …    (Why crop circles are NOT man-made)    (scientific evidence for crop circles)

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  1. Very interesting info !Perfect just what I was searching for! “Oh, I don’t blame Congress. If I had 600 billion at my disposal, I’d be irresponsible, too.” by Lichty and Wagner.

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