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Someone dancing inside us

learned only a few steps:

the “Do-Your-Work” in 4/4 time,

the “What-Do-You-Expect” waltz.

He hasn’t noticed yet the woman

standing away from the lamp,

the one with black eyes

who knows the rhumba,

and strange steps in jumpy rhythms

from the mountains in Bulgaria.

If they dance together,

something unexpected will happen.

If they don’t, the next world

will be a lot like this one.

                             – Bill Holm



I want to thank you for showing up.  The fact that you’re here, reading this – suggests that you already understand the importance of Sustainability.

You may not know what to do about it, but you very likely already realize  that

The Human Family seems determined to wreck our planet’s (fragile) life-support systems

No major governments appear committed to end the madness …

Our laws support planetary degradation.  (Nowhere is it illegal to destroy the planet.)

The (few) people who run the biggest corporations are calling the shots …

We don’t seem to realize – that we live in a Biological System FIRST (and SUBORDINATELY in an economic/political system.

If we are to survive as a Species, we’re going to have to CHOOSE it … and CHANGE.


And most of these are, of course, very disturbing.  How could it happen – that we find ourselves heirs to such widespread and profound neglect?

Many of us (even the best of us) feel daunted, if not altogether discouraged – by the magnitude and complexity of the problems which beset us.

But at least, you’re HERE.  That suggests to me that you are not willing to give up without a struggle.

Well – Good on ya’ !

Even as we mature and grow up spiritually, we are required to ‘make do’ with our imperfect selves.

I really wonder – if perhaps my (many) failures and shortcomings don’t outshine my successes and virtues.

I find it painful (don’t you?) – to address a problem which is bound to make me feel inadequate and feeble.

But, fortunately, I can tolerate it.

A human being can withstand suffering … if there is meaning in it.



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